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Click here to see what the coming semester will look like at Chords & Voices. But be sure to read below to see why we teach in groups.

Also, if you are an older adult looking to keep your mind razor sharp into your late years, we have something just for you.

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Public health and safety concerns don't have to slow your musical growth. Virtual lessons through Chords & Voices may offer similar benefits of group instruction in the comfort of your own home.


Also, once we're up and running, master classes and interviews with guest artists and teachers will be available virtually to all C&V students.

We'll keep our finger on the pulse of opportunities to collaborate, to perform and to experience music in the Nashville area.


Sometimes, we'll be the ones creating the pulse. Chords & Voices community portals will give you access to it all.


Chords & Voices operates on a highly collaborative and interactive model. Learning with a cohort provides students with more frequent opportunities to perform for and with peers, to receive more and varied feedback, and to experience the joys of making music with other people. It also allows teachers to maximize resources, including time. This translates to lower costs and greater value for students.

A normal cohort at C&V consists of 5 to 7 students. Each lesson is 50 minutes long, providing plenty of time for teachers to give individual attention to students. Core musical concepts will often be presented in a group setting, allowing for games, class discussions and interactions that increase students' grasp of the material.


Recitals will be held once each semester, some small and some larger. Students will show their skill gains at these recitals. Cohorts will also be challenged regularly with projects that connect to events outside of their class and/or outside C&V. The products of these challenges will be presented at recitals and online through C&V Community Portals.


Whether students are learning, piano, guitar, voice, or combining them, the goal of our program is to stimulate broad musical competency, and an appreciation for community and collaboration.     


Flipping the Classroom

     Technology has changed both the needs and the capacity of education dramatically over the past three decades. Music instruction has been perhaps the slowest of the art disciplines to change with the times. At Chords and Voices, we intend to put worthwhile tech to good use to make sure our students are ready to be 21st century artists.


     The flipped classroom model is being used in high-performing academic institutions right now. This strategy uses virtual tools to perform some of the functions that the teacher previously had to carry out in person. This frees the teacher to spend more time coaching performance and less time presenting basic information. Coaching is the key to becoming highly competent at anything, especially music. 


     Chords & Voices is partnering with content providers like Piano Marvel to provide the greatest possible value to our students. Check out how this innovative company is broadening the scope of what local music lesson providers can offer.

Piano Marvel

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