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the Chords & Voices Vision

We are a brick and mortar, web-supported hub for vocal and chordal instrument instruction, and for collaborative music experiences.

We’re where music learners go to grow,

and where music teachers love to teach.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

C&V Owner & Lead Teacher

Christopher Blackmon is an Emmy-winning songwriter and 3-time winner of the Country Music Association Music Teachers of Excellence award. He has been teaching in Metro Nashville Public Schools for more than a decade, boosting childrens' academic growth by providing rich, impactful musical experiences. Whether directing young choirs, creating stage musicals, teaching songwriting and production, or involving students in district and city-wide events, his aim has been to inspire a love of music. He was a founding contributor to QuaverEd, the music education curriculum currently used in MNPS and around the world.

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