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Attention! all performing-arts oriented students in grades 3-8!


Chords & Voices is putting together a dynamic ensemble of singers, rappers, actors and all-around performers to meet the rising interest in young talent here in the music city. If you love to be in front of a microphone, camera or audience, then YCV is the perfect team to help you build your skills. There are cover song performances, original recordings, music videos, and a streaming television program already being scheduled.

Traditional choirs cultivate vocal musicianship and a sense of family. YCV will go a step beyond that, challenging you to perform in teams that sing, act, dance and express combinations of art forms in real projects. 

YCV coaches and instructors are all very accomplished, with a wide range of combined skills. Together we will help you learn how to work with other super-talented people, and also how to find and develop your own creative voice.

Rehearsals will be from 6 to 7:15 Tuesday evenings at a location in Antioch. (The location will be posted here soon.)

The cost for YCV members is only $10 per week, however bus trips and certain performances may incur extra costs, which will be communicated well in advance. Voice or instrument students of Chords & Voices who pass the audition receive free membership in the choir.

Students interested in YCV will interview and then audition for the choir. Auditioners must be prepared to present something they have selected. It can be a song, rap, spoken word, poem or soliloquy or even dance. They will also be challenged to learn a short selection chosen by the coaches. Coaches will be judging for focus, pitch and rhythm, ability to catch and remember simple movements, expressiveness, and confidence.

Note for older students: The choir will age up each year until it has 3rd - 12th grade students.

If you think you would like to participate in this ensemble, please leave your information in the form below, and start working on your 30 to 60 second solo. We'll reach out and get you scheduled!


Young Stars Need A Place to Shine!

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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