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Kim Caraway

Kindermusik Instructor

Kim Caraway has a great love for music and also for working with children. She graduated from Greenville University with a major in Youth Ministry and a minor in Music. She began singing and playing piano at age 5. Kim has performed as a soloist and accompanist in her high school band, swing choir, college band, college choir, and various venues and state competitions throughout those years. She was encouraged by professors to pursue a degree as a concert pianist, but began to explore other interests in college in addition to music. There she discovered the joys of working with and helping people. Post college, Kim decided a traveling/performing career would have to take a backseat to one where she could more directly help families and children. She began to use her skills in music as a volunteer, but pursued a full time career in social work.

Kim has worked with children in foster care, adoptions, and with TN organizations extensively to combat adolescent substance abuse. Much of this work included volunteering with youth groups for various adventures and activities.

During a season of raising young children of her own, Kim shifted her focus back to music. In 2005 she became a licensed Kindermusik practitioner and began teaching private voice, piano, and Kindermusik classes at a music studio. Since then she has consistently and effectively used Kindermusik to enhance the cognitive, artistic and relational experiences of young children and their families.


Kim Caraway
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